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About the Sustainable Power and Energy Lab

The Sustainable Power and Energy Lab (SPEL) is a power system research laboratory at the University of Connecticut (UConn) led by Dr. Zongjie (Lisa) Wang. At SPEL, we direct our educational and research efforts around power system mathematical modeling, operation, and control.

Our research approach is interdisciplinary. We combine tools from computer science, economics and mathematics to better understand the interactions between the physical domain of power systems and the forces of electricity markets. Our group develops solutions to improve grid efficiency, security, resiliency, and stability, all at the planning and operation timescales, using advanced mathematical tools and state-of-the-art computing technology.

Prospective MS/PhD students: we are constantly looking for new, highly self-motivated team members with deep expertise in power systems, grid resilience, and/or operations research,. If you are interested in joining us, please apply to the UConn's Electrical and Computer Engineering program. Candidates who recently finished their M.Sc. or exceptional B.Sc. students are encouraged to submit an application.

Research Focus

  • Modern power systems planning and operation
  • Grid resilience with high penetration level of variable renewable energy integration
  • Electricity markets


  • Nonlinear power system optimization and multi-period simulation techniques
  • Coordinated transmission and distribution system optimization
  • Data analytics for power transmission and distribution networks


  • Two Accepted Papers at the 2023 PESGM! March 1, 2023
    We are delighted to share that SPEL will be at the 2023 Power & Energy Society General Meeting (2023 PESGM). Our articles “A Pathway to Reduce Climate Change Impacts on Energy Communities: Decarbonization-Based Cost-Effective Grid Resilience Enhancement” and “Navigating the Penetration Level of Distributed Energy in Microgrids: A Quest for Enhancing Short-Term Power Grid Resilience,” […]
    Wang, Zongjie
  • Know More about Prof. Wang in the Career Champion Spotlight November 29, 2022
    Prof. Wang has been acknowledged as one of UConn’s Career Champions by the Center for Career Development. Check the full interview in the link below to get insight into Prof. Wang’s thoughts about helping her students succeed in their careers! Career Champion Spotlight: Zongjie Wang – UConn Center for Career Development
    Dorado Rojas, Sergio
  • New review paper in power system resilience November 29, 2022
    We are delighted to share this grid resilience review paper entitled “Trends in modern power systems resilience: State-of-the-art review,” recently published in the top journal “Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,” with an impact factor of 16.8. The article presents a comprehensive review of power system resilience under different resilient metrics. The definitions of resilience, compared […]
    Wang, Zongjie